Build Your VA Business In A Month

Have you been thinking about creating a business from home?

One that gives you flexibility to work around your family and/or your 9 to 5?

One that means you’re in charge of your time?

One that gives you the chance to earn as much or as little as you choose?

Then becoming a Virtual Assistant could be the perfect next step.

Build Your VA Business In a Month shows you how to do just that.

In one month you will:

✓ Learn how to create a flexible VA business that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

✓ Learn the right way to serve your clients; with integrity, with skill and with proven systems.

✓ Become a thriving business owner, building a business of your very own.

✓ Get expert support and guidance from a pro with over 13 years of experience in the VA world. 

If you’re a hell yes to the above, now’s the time to join my ‘BUILD YOUR VA BUSINESS IN A MONTH’ Program.

Lets kick start your biz and make your dreams a reality.

Build Your VA Business In a Month shows you how to do just that.

In one month you will:

✓ Learn how to create a flexible VA business that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

✓ Learn the right way to serve your clients; with integrity, with skill and with proven systems.

✓ Become a thriving business owner, building a business of your very own.

✓ Get expert support and guidance from a pro with over 13 years of experience in the VA world. 

If you’re a hell yes to the above, now’s the time to join my ‘BUILD YOUR VA BUSINESS IN A MONTH’ Program.

Lets kick start your biz and make your dreams a reality.

Here’s what’s included…

The Foundations

Because they’re the most important, right? I’ll walk you through the first steps you need to take to get ready to launch. We’ll cover biz registration, insurance, how to get paid, contracts and more

Money Talks

We’ll cover what to charge, how and when to invoice, how to chase payments and most importantly we’ll throw in a bit of money mindset to help you feel cool about your cash.

Brand Brilliance

I’ll help you stand out from the crowd, build a brand (on a budget) that tells your story and talks to the most important peeps – your target clients.

VA Business In A Month

It's All About The Marketing

Once we’ve got you ready to go, you need to get out there!  I’ll give you expert tips and advice to help you optimise your message, post in the right places and really speak to your audience.

You've Got A Client, Now What?

We’ll walk through how to nail your discovery calls, onboard your dream clients like a pro, and how to build a successful relationship.

Your Virtual Toolkit

Hands up if you get app overwhelm?  There is so much out there that you *could* be using, and trust me – I’ve tried most of it.  I’ll give you a list of must have software AND provide you with step by step demos on how to set up & use them.

Our Experts Inside Build Your VA Business in a Month

Emma Stirk - Our Legal Expert

As our legal expert, Emma will be speaking about all things legal,  how to protect your VA business, the importance of your contract & what you need to have in it as well as understanding the terms.


About Emma

Emma Stirk is a Best-Selling Author, Life and Business Success Coach, and your ‘go to’ legal expert. Not only does she have over 15 years’ experience as a highly successful lawyer, but she also has firsthand experience of building her own global businesses. It’s from these combined experiences and also witnessing firsthand the consequences of not having the correct legal procedures and contracts in place, that Emma realised that far too many business owners were missing the fundamental legal protection leaving themselves, and their businesses, exposed to unnecessary legal risks.

Deborah O' Grady - Our Branding Expert

Deborah is my go to brand expert, she is the lady behind my gorgeous new brand, which I am so in love with. Deborah will be sharing her expertise on your positioning and messaging of your VA business.

About Deborah
Deborah O’Grady is a highly valued, experienced, marketeer who’s been the brains behind many household brands. Having been on the winning team of the First Direct brand back in ’90s, evolving the Silentnight brand to No.1 in its market, bringing Hugo Boss fragrances to the masses, Nivea to men and Irn Bru to boys, she knows how to create and roll out brands that pack a punch. Having ran her own agency and advised others, she now brings her big brand knowledge to the online entrepreneurial market; combining her intuition with her strategist and creative thinking she creates brands that unleash your power  to attract a buying audience and have more impact in the world.

Gemma Went - Our Marketing Expert

Gemma will be sharing her unique marketing system that removes overwhelm and helps you design a system that’s right for your business.


About Gemma
Gemma is an Award Winning Online Business Mentor + Growth Strategist helping small businesses grow and scale with consistent, recurring revenue.  She’s helped businesses achieve great things and smash their goals through her proprietary frameworks and systems, all based on three core principles: Mindset + Strategy + Action, which make up her MSA ApproachTM. She’ s a winner of the Entrepreneurs Champion at the 2018 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Gemma is a podcaster, writer, speaker, panelist and awards judge.

Daire Paddy - Our Mindset Expert

You’re in for a treat!
As our resident mindset expert Daire, is putting together an unbeatable bundle to help you overcome the five biggest beasts standing between you and your unstoppable VA business. Including:
Comparing yourself to others
Feeling like you’re not good enough
Fear of getting visibility
Blocked around ask for moneyyy
She will always be joining us for a live coaching session to help you troubleshoot everything that’s holding you back from VA glory!

About Daire

Daire (pronounced Dara) is the brain and biz coach you’ve been looking for. She helps lovely, over-delivering business owners (just like you!) become strong, unshakeable women.

Through a potent blend of strategic thinking, productivity magic, NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and Success Coaching, together you can create a life (and business) that ticks every box!

Laura Powner - Our Finance Expert

Laura is a qualified Chartered Accountant & will be sharing with you everything you need to know about the accounting side of your new VA business.

About Laura

Laura is a Mindset & Money Mentor, Empowering female entrepreneurs and business owners to create businesses that are aligned to who they truly are and the life they want to lead whilst removing limiting beliefs and self doubt and mapping out the strategy to get them there.

Using a powerful combination of hypnotherapy, mentoring, business strategy, 90 day planning, the creation of a money management system & universal law work, she teaches women to feel good about themselves and their business and to open up to true abundance so they build lasting worth and wealth.


Jo Bendle - Our Productivity Expert

Jo will be sharing her wisdom around productivity and empowerment – she will help to empower you to reach your business goals (without working all the hours) using productivity and mindset.

About Jo

Jo is a Productivity + Empowerment Coach helping female business owners do more, be more and have more while working less.
She help entrepreneurs #livebig by doing work that lights them up while living life on their own terms.

She see’s potential everywhere. Every time she talks to business owners, she get excited because she see what’s possible for you.

And that’s because she’s been there. After 8 years in business she’s learned what you need, and what you don’t. She wants to give you the shortcut.

Meet Your Mentor

Why I am qualified to help build your VA business in a month

I’ve been in the VA / online industry for over 16 years and have made incredible changes to my life as a result. I have impacted many businesses during this time allowing my clients to create their desired lifestyle and focus on their business growth. I built my own online business from scratch and now I have an ideal working environment where I can work from wherever I choose, whether that be my home office or a location around the world.

I’m the owner and leader behind the business that is Carmel Fanning, offering Online Business Management & Project Management services to business owners around the globe. I work with many different types of businesses from start-ups to multi 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs. I am proud to say, that I still work with some of the same businesses who supported me from day one.

I’m also a Virtual Assistant Business Mentor and the creator of the VA Pathfinder and the Build your VA Business in a month programme. I love to inspire and support others to build and grow their own online business just like I have.

Here’s what others are saying

“Having worked in business for several decades, I had been thinking of using the skills I have developed to set up my own business, but had no idea how to go about it.  

On discovering the Carmel,  I attended a seminar and realised it was a ‘no-brainer’ for me to sign up – this course ticked all the boxes I needed to launch a ‘ready to go’ business. Carmel’s experience is a huge bonus and proving invaluable. I highly recommend her VA programme, if you value your years of experience and want to get them working for you.”

Anne-Marie Lynch

Blueway Business Solutions

Carmel is one of the best online support providers I have ever come across. She has worked with the best in the coaching business mentor space to grow their business. She is someone that others say I need a “Carmel David” like its a job role.

She is now teaching all she knows to help VAs build a VA business for themselves and benefit from her experience.

John Cusick

Carmel’s course, VA in a Month is invaluable if you are starting out offering your expertise as a VA. Her knowledge, experience and advice, and that of her experts, is a must. There is so much content walking you through all aspects of starting a VA business from working out your fees, to branding to the legal documents required. You will do yourself a disservice if you don’t sign up for Carmel’s course.

Lisa Monaghan

Your PA

Carmel is 100% involved in the training process and her VA programme is a life-changer.

The training process provides step by step help and guidance throughout.

I feel so excited and enthusiastic to get started on the next phase of my life as a Virtual Assistant – the freedom and opportunities this course offers are second to none and it really is a ‘no-brainer’ for anyone thinking about enrolling in it.”

Eileen Ireland

Carmel has put together an excellent course for anyone wishing to set up a business working as a Virtual Assistant. This programme gave me the solid foundation I need to set up my VA business with confidence. I have the skills and knowledge to offer services to clients but did not know what processes or procedures I needed to implement for the Virtual World. Carmel broke this information down into weekly modules, which were practical and easy to follow. She has included everything, I mean everything I needed to know and more. Above all Carmel is an inspiration, she is passionate about serving people and genuinely wants you to succeed.

Ailish Harney

Virtual Support Specialist

I’ve run teams for years, working with many different support roles, and Carmel is one of the best. Her skills are phenomenal, but more than that her values shine out – and it’s these that entrepreneurs like me need. Loyalty, integrity and dedication – all of which she will help you to create for yourself.

If I need to hire a VA in the future, I will want to hire a Carmel David trained VA. So if you want to learn from the best, take this program. You won’t regret it.”

Gemma Went

Online Business Mentor

What are you waiting for? Join Build Your VA Business in a Month Now

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the programme start?
As this is a self-study programme, you can start right away.
How will the content be delivered?

Once you purchase the programme you will be grant access to the training hub pretty quickly (keep a check on your emails), the programme is drip-fed to you weekly over 4 weeks.

Each Monday morning a new module will be released.

How many modules are in the programme?

There are 5 modules covering the core areas of building a VA business

Is this a self study programme, or will I have access to you?

Yes it is a self-study programme, however, you have the option to upgrade to a 1:1 with me at an additional cost.

Can I spread the costs of the payment?

Yes, you can spread the cost over 2 months to make it more accessable 

When is payment taken?

Payment is taken immediately.

If you chose to spread the costs over 2 months, the first payment is taken immediately and the remaining 1 payments will be taken on the same date next month.

Do you offer refunds?

No, I do not offer a refund. I am invested in your success and it is imperative to the success of the programme that you are also committed, invested and fully engaged in the programme for the duration. Therefore, there is no general right to a refund, cancellation or to change the services during the term of the agreement.

Can I get extra support from you if I need it?

Yes of course, you can purchase additional support from me as and when you need it.