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atitude plays an essential role in your business, especially when it comes to team growth. If you’re looking to build a stronger team dynamic, gratitude will help. It also leads to better mental health and general well-being for every team member, especially when positive reinforcement is regularly implemented. 

As this recent Forbes article on The Benefits Of A Year-Round Attitude Of Gratitude In The Workplace states:

“The benefits of expressing gratitude are well-documented. A study found that making a regular and deliberate effort to record one’s blessings improves a range of outcomes related to mental health and overall well-being. Keeping a gratitude journal is an increasingly popular personal practice.”

So why is gratitude so crucial to your team’s growth? Read on to find out!

Gratitude shows you see the person

You want to show that you see and know the person, not just their talent or role. That’s why it’s so crucial that you express gratitude for the positive traits they show. You can admire their positive attitude or level of determination.  Acknowledge their hard work and results, not necessarily the route they took to get them. The more you practice gratitude, the more you see the person, not just the task.

You can build better relationships

Gratitude helps you to build better relationships with your team. When you start noticing how they work, you begin to see the differences between how they’re motivated. Everyone can then be rewarded and praised for the things that make them unique. This helps you to build trust between you, your team and the entire company.

It motivates your team and increases productivity

A team that feels appreciated and acknowledged will have increased levels of motivation and loyalty. Gratitude gives them the motivation to do more, work harder, and go above and beyond. Often, they’re also more willing to help others out and do more than their job description to keep the team dynamics positive and motivated.

Increase team strength and connection

When your team members feel part of a valued team, they want to be a good person and reach their full potential. Gratitude helps instil a more positive frame of mind into each team member, and this increases the strength and connection between team members. The happier and more connected they feel, the more they’ll enjoy their working environment and their role within the team.

Gratitude is so important to your team’s growth. It’s something that is easily given out and often overlooked. But do so at your peril. Because when you show more gratitude to your team, you’ll find they become  more loyal and motivated team. Not just to each other, but to you as their boss, as well as your company as a whole.

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