5 steps to take before you hire!

All businesses need systems and processes. But over time, things can change within them. Systems can get outdated, processes can become obsolete, and workflows can get bogged down with red tape and bad habits. This is why it’s so important to streamline your business. It helps you to tidy things up and get things shipshape again.

When you streamline your business, you’re simply removing unnecessary tasks and improving the efficiency of those that are left. This could mean updating or replacing software systems, auditing the processes within your business, or even training your team.

So if you’re looking for some simple ways to get started, here are my top five suggestions.

#1: Automate to streamline your business

If you’ve documented your workflows and processes, you can start looking at automating them. Automation is perfect for those tasks that are mundane, simple and repetitive. This will help free up your time and ensure consistent results.

[If you’re looking to automate your client onboarding process, but don’t want to do the work yourself, check out my Done for You Dubsado Set Up service. You’ll find all the details here.]

#2: Outsource those tasks

If you want to streamline your business, you need to outsource tasks. And to do that, you need the right support team in place. It helps free up your time, enabling you to focus on those tasks only you can do, as well as freeing you up to work on your business. If you need some help managing a remote team, check out this recent blog post: How to effectively manage a remote team.

#3: Use project management software

Asana helps keep everyone and every project on track. You can oversee what they’re doing and the progress they’re making and assign tasks and projects to others. Asana gives your team a simple way of working more productively together, as all communication on a project is completed within Asana itself. You’ll find all you need to know about Asana here.

#4: Use a CRM system to streamline your customer service

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you manage your customer data. You need a simple way to track your leads, manage your pipeline, and automate your workflows and Dubsado and KEAP CRM are ideal for this. You can find out more about Dubsado here, whilst you can click here to find out all about KEAP CRM system.

#5: Create SOPs to help streamline your business

A SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) manual is a place that houses every procedure and workflow that your business needs to run. They’re all laid out in the form of documents, checklists and diagrams. A SOPs manual helps standardise your processes and makes them easier to replicate, delegate and review. They also allow you to streamline your business, as it’s easier to hold your team accountable for their tasks and see how you can improve the processes they’re following.

If you want to streamline your business, the above 5 suggestions will help. But there is only so much you can do with your available time, so it may be worth looking into hiring a Director of Operations. A DOO can support your business in many different ways – including overseeing and implementing your streamlining ideas. If you’d like to see if I’m a good fit for you and your business, book a gameplan call and let’s chat!