Dubsado Audit

Are you looking for an Dubsado specialist to review your account?

You are in the right place, if ….

✓   You feel like your Dubsado account is a Hot Mess

✓    You have been using Dubsado for some time but feel like you are missing out on many features & could be using it better

✓   You  have DIYed your account but you would LOVE for a Dubsado specialist to review it for peace of mind and make sure everything is working with ease

✓   You want a specialist to analysis it all to make sure you are getting the most out of Dubsado to save you time and improve your customer experience.

Who is the Dubsado Audit for?

✓   You are already familiar with how Dubsado works

✓   You have processes already set up in Dubsado

✓   You want a specialist to provide you with an actionable list of improvements

✓   You feel like your automations or process may not be working efficiently 

✓   You feel like you are not utlising Dubsado to the best of its ability.

INVESTMENT – £222.00

What’s included in the Audit?

  • Intake Questionnaire

You will be provided with a detailed questionnaire that is straight to the point.  It asks only what I need to know in order to complete your Dubsado audit. This questionnaire allows me to have better overview of your business processes and services so I can get a sense of what you want to achieve before we start.

  • Account Audit

I will take a deep dive into your Dubsado account and look at through your processes with a fine tooth comb. I will carry out a thorough review in order to analyse every aspect of your Dubsado setup.

  • Detailed Report

Your Dubsado audit will include an in-depth PDF report which will look at the overall health of your account. It will detail up to 88 elements of the checks that I look out for when evaluating a Dubsado account. These checks help me determine whether you are leveraging  Dubsado’s features to their fullest value or not. 

You will then walk away with…

✓   A customised report of the overall health of your Dubsado account

✓   A new found confidence, knowing exactly what you have to do next in order to improve your system

✓   A clear vision on how to create ease in your business & what steps you need to take in order to do that.

* Please note that this is a review of your Dubsado account & no actual work or changes will be completed to your account under this package. 


Confirm your booking

To kick start your booking, please scroll down to the LET’S GET STARTED botton lower down and select it to make your payment.  Once your payment is made, within a few short minutes you will receive an email with your next steps

Audit Intake

In your next steps email, you will find your Audit intake questionnaire. The Audit intake questionnaire will help me understand your business, what your current offers and what you are trying to achieve, as will as all the actions you need to take in order to allow me access to your Dubado account.  Once I receive your completed form, we move to the next step.

Audit & Reporting

  Once your form is complete, I will then perform an intensive review of your Dubsado account and current set up.  From there, I will evaluate 80+ criteria in order to provide you with an extensive Audit Report. It will include what you need to improve and/or streamline to create ease in your  business and I will also provide suggestions of any missing content.


INVESTMENT – £222.00

Meet Your Dubsado & Systems Whiz

Carmel David - director of operations

I’m here to help you streamline and systemise your business with ease!

I’m Carmel Fanning, the owner and leader behind the business that is The Business Freedom Project, offering Systems, Operations & Workflow services to business owners around the globe. I work with many different types of businesses from start-ups to multi 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs & I am proud to say, that I still work with some of the same businesses who have supported me from day one.

I’ve spent the last 9 years knee-deep in multiple online businesses, helping leaders grow and scale beyond their wildest dreams by creating efficient operational systems, onboarding new aligned teams, and planning & managing sold out launches. 

But it’s not just about those sales goals and business milestones – I’ve helped my clients to create their desired lifestyle alongside their business ventures (because remember, that’s why we do this!) 

I’ve celebrated as the women I’ve worked with have taken time off to travel, reduced their work hours to spend time with their kids, bought their dream homes, reprioritised their health goals and discovered new passions and hobbies outside of work. 

Are you ready for me to share my knowledge and experience from working with multiple successful online businesses and explore the possibilities of stepping into your business short-term to streamline and systemise your business with ease.

If you are looking for a systems nerd to come in a wave a magic wand, then I would love to hear from you!